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PensionX is a complete front-end pension platform with all the tools you need to deliver better member self-service, without the time and expense of a major pension administration system (PAS) overhaul.

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PensionX App

Mobile self-service app for members and retirees using data from your existing PAS. Read More

Popular features

  • Document scanning
  • Push notifications
  • Next gen pension calculator
  • Fast and easy to deploy


PensionX Portal

Self-service portal that leverages your existing PAS data and Web content to maximize member satisfaction. Read More

Popular features

  • Secure messaging
  • Integrations with Web & Outlook
  • Smart FAQs
  • Fast and easy to deploy


PensionX Web

Public website solution informed by the top pension systems. Designed specifically for pension member engagement and industry best practices. Read More

Popular features

  • ADA Compliant
  • Flexible design system
  • Easy, powerful content management
  • Personalized, if purchased with PensionX Portal


Secure File Upload Tool

Secure File Upload tool that makes it easy for members to share important files with your pension team instantly. Read More

Popular features

  • Secure, cloud technology
  • Works with any pension website
  • Built for pension
  • Install on any site in minutes

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