Ventura County Employees’ Retirement Association’s (VCERA)

Lindsay Hardy October 30, 2017

Recently we had the opportunity to work with Ventura County Employees’ Retirement Association (VCERA) on a brand new website. Up until this process, their content was hidden deep within Ventura County’s extensive web presence.

VCERA reached out to PensionX for our expertise in creating effective pension websites because they were ready to break out and establish an online identity of their own so they could begin delivering the exceptional customer service online that their more than 15,000 active and retired members were experiencing in person.

Through analytics analysis, stakeholder surveys, and discovery conversations, we found countless valuable insights that we were able to strategically incorporate into the site. The result is beautiful. Here are a few things that really stood out about this project.

Member-Optimized Design

By placing items like retiree payment dates, forms and publications, and a pension calculator front and center in the header and on the homepage, visitors can quickly calculate their pension, find out when that next check is coming, or download an important form without ever having to contact a person.

Life Events

Through discovery, we learned that their members typically reach out to VCERA when common life events occurred (e.g. planning retirement, or in the event of a death or divorce, etc.). By proactively answering common questions related to these issues and placing them upfront on the homepage and within key member sections, we were able to make a real difference in their members’ lives during these challenging or transitional moments.

Brand and Identity

VCERA is committed to its belief that members should be able to retire with enthusiasm rather than intimidation. Through the design phase, we carefully used color, imagery, content strategy, and messaging to convey this lighter approach to one of life’s heavier topics and it works beautifully.

We’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with VCERA and look forward to the effect that this new site will have on its members’ lives. When you have a moment, check it out. If you’re looking to solve similar problems, let us know. We’re always happy to help.